Crosville Social Club (Llandudno Junction)

my thanks go to many from local “facebook” groups who have helped to identify the majority of these players below .

above photo split into two read as if one

Rear left to right

1 Ray Guy,2 Mark Jones, 3 , 4 John Evans,5 Paul Taylor,6 Scott Hobson,7 Dave Hughes ,8 David Blackall,9 Ieuan Michaelson-Yeates,10 Kevin Roberts, 11 Mark Hobson,12 Brynley Thomas,13 Colin Jones,14 Gareth Jones,15,16 Carl Jones,17 Dafydd ?,

Front left to right

1 Paul Stringer,2 Dave Ridgewell,3 Dave Roberts, 4 Stuart Roberts,5 Wayne Jones ,6 Thomas Whitely,7 Howard Farrell,8 Eddie ?,9 Mike ?,10 Mike Foulkes,11 Paul Jones ,12 Kevin Palfreyman,13 Mark ?,

1987 team

Rear standing left to right

1,2 Colin Jones,3,4,5 Steve Jones ,6,7 Colin Aston,8 Ieuan Michaelson-Yeates,9,10 Harry Hall ,11 John Hughes,

Front left to right

1 Ken Thomas ,2,3 Dave Hughes,4 Mike Jones,5 Brynley Thomas,


Rear left to right

1 Raymond Guy,2 Michael Leipins,3,4 Colin Jones, 5, 6 Ieuan Michaelson-Yeates,7, 8 Tommy Prytherch 9 Gwyndaf Owen ,10 Gareth Jones.

Front left to right

1 Antony Berry,2 Ian Griffiths,3 Dave Geddes,4 Alun Griffiths,5 Alan Williams,6 Mark Jones ,7 Christopher Hughes,

below team

Rear left to right

1 Robert Davies ,2,3 Brain Jones,4 Alun Griffiths ,5 Mark Magill,6 Kevin Williams ,7 Paul Roberts,

Front left to right

1 Alan Williams,2 James Hobson,3,4 David Roberts,

1993 -94

above team split into two photos , read as if one –

Rear left to right  –

1,2Simon Mills,3 Joe ?,4 David Roberts ,5 David Rodgers ,6 Wayne Jones,7 Martin Jones,8 Darren Barret ,9 Mike Smith,10 Kevin Colville,11 Carl Jones,

Front left to right

1, 2 J.P.Coville,3 Neil Barrett,,4 Scott Jones,5 Daryl Smith ,6 Gary John Jones ,7 Paul Evans,

submitted by Iwan Williams

rear left to right

1, Darren Herbert 2 Mark Hobson, 3 Roy, 4 Dafydd “Ginge” sponser , 5 Ernie Blackwell, 6 Iwan Williams, 7 , 8 Howie Farrell “Jock”, 9 Mark Magill, 10 Scott Hobson, 11 Mark Jones.

front left to right

1 Paul Taylor, 2 John Berwyn, 3 Mike Higginbottom, 4 Eddy Thomas, 5 Paddy Marshall, 6, 7 Mark Jones.