Maelgwyn Hendre Cup Finals

Maelgwyn School (Llandudno Junction) Hendre Cup Finals 1950-78

resulting finalist

Maelgwyn 1952 – no photo available

 Maelgwyn 1953

Please note in each case :

All named players are in their playing position order

Maelgwyn 1956

 Maelgwyn 1957

Runners Up to Dyffryn Road 0-1

Maelgwyn Runners Up 1957

names in played postion order only

Maelgwyn 1959

Maelgwyn 1960

Maelgwyn 1963

team and photo – Top left Peter Ellis, Emyr Roberts? David Longley, Philip Hughes. Philip Nickaberry, Charles Stellard , Lesley, Bottom left Richard Williams, Ian Griffiths, Alan Prescott, John Whiteley.

Maelgwyn 1964

Maelgwyn 1965

Maelgwyn 1969

Maelgwyn 1970

Maelgwyn 1971

Maelgwyn 1972

Maelgwyn 1974

Maelgwyn 1976