Quinton Hazell late 1960’s decade

QHL scrapbook items from / submitted by Stan Williams.

QHL 1968 001

names from Grenville Price

top left Vernon Williams, Peter Tootill, Gareth Roberts, Billy Mathews, Grenville Price, Derek Green, Gordon Gibb, bottom row left Stan Williams, Eric Price, Jeff Hanson, Martin Thomas, David Jones,

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Hello Gwyn

Well done for the excellent website on a database of the golden years of North Wales amateur football. I do have in my position some interesting artefacts covering the 1960’s Colwyn Bay side with programs from the games with Borough, Rhyl, Bangor etc. along with plenty of photographs and action of Colwyn Bay FC 1964-1967. For me personally i played with the Quinton Hazell side 2nd year of formation of which i have team photographs and small snippets of my goal scoring achievements. I later went onto play for Meredith and Kirkham and Rhos on Sea FC. Had one season with Borough Reserves at the end of their journey in ’69. First of all would you be interested in the scans of these artefacts and secondly how much and in what volume do you want if your interested for me to send over.
Hope to hear from you.
Kind regards
Stan Williams.

continue :-

QHL vs Machno United

QHL vs Conwy Legion

QHL vs Conwy British Legion.

QHL vs Conwy Borough

QHL vs Llandudno Amateurs

Thank You Stan for your contribution …

also – below  a contribution submitted by Dave Edwards

Quinton Hazel , North Wales Coast F.A Junior Cup 1969-70


Quinton Hazel 1969-70

QH 1969 -’70







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